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Wolverine movie [May. 4th, 2009|10:15 pm]
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I watched it today with some friends, and it was AWESOME. I'm pretty sure it's good even if you're unfamiliar with the comics, but it's better if you understand all the character cameos.

These are my thoughts on the movie, in no particular order. Warning: possible spoilers ahead; I say "possible" because I'm not really sure what counts as it.

Some movies, as soon as the credits start rolling, you can leave, unless you a) know someone who worked on the film and want to spot their name, or b) you're playing "Find-the-stupidest-name-in-the-credits". With this movie, you need to stay until the end. My favourite audience quote comes from this, from some guy at the front. (If you happen to be the "some guy", and you find this, please post it in the comments.) He said, "Looks like Deadpool is Live-pool." Or maybe "Looks like Deadpool is now Livepool"; I can't remember. It sounds better than it looks printed; you pronounce it as in "alive".

Here, Remy (aka Gambit) was introduced with brownish eyes, and they only turned red when using his powers -- which, by the way, were awesome.

I don't remember if how Professor X was crippled was ever really answered in the movieverse. In the Ultimate 'verse, it was a magnetically-propelled spear that severed his spine, finalizing the enmity between him and Magneto. In the main comics, it happened so many times, for so many different reasons, that it's practically a joke. I'm bringing it up here because when he shows up at the end of the movie (with a helicopter, no less), he can walk.

Also speaking about the movie, it contradicts the novelization of the first X-Men movie, specifically about Scott Summers.

I'm trying to think of every character from the comics that showed up, or at least made a cameo, other than the main character. Let's see: the Blob, who thought he was called that by mishearing "bub"; someone who might be Emma Frost (could turn to diamonds); a version of Deadpool (more on that later); Gambit; Professor X; and some unconscious guy whom I'm tempted to think might be Banshee, going solely by that he was male and had his mouth sewn shut(Banshee has a sonic scream). Now I'm wondering, would having his mouth closed prevent him from using his scream? Or could it come out his nose? And THAT mental image amuses me.

Deadpool. He's my favourite Marvel character. Sure, I like Daredevil (comics; the movie SUCKED) and Wolverine, but DP has a special place in the comics room of my heart. Most of that is because he's bat-nuts insane, and also funny. And badass. And he breaks the fourth wall ("My yellow text bubbles are back!"). So I was a little apprehensive of how he'd be treated in this. I mean, the Ultimate version might not have actually sucked in and of itself, but it sure wasn't nice if you're a Deadpool fan; same with their version of Alpha Flight. (Everyone, Marvel Comics hates Canada. What did we ever do to them...?)

Wade Wilson at the beginning was done all right, even a bit amusing; I liked when he was talking about swords, and how they're memorable. When however-his-name-is-spelled Stryker told Logan he had been killed, it brought me down a bit. Then I was like 'Ah well, at least they did him well for the time he was there.' Then later on I got to thinking, we were never actually shown his death. We got to see that lame guy with electronic powers get pwned by Victor, but not Wade. Therefore, according to movie logic, he is not dead, and I will continue thinking that until I get proof otherwise. Then, even later on, Stryker mentioned Weapon XI (he said 'eleven', but I'm thinking it was written in Roman numerals) as the pool of all those mutant powers, and referred to it as "Deadpool". I said up a little straighter; either that or I leaned forward more. Either way, I started paying even more attention. Sure enough, that guy was Wade Wilson; completely screwed up, unable to open his mouth (Logan: "So that's how you get him to shut up.), and computer-controlled. Oh, and did I mention that katanas grow out of his hands? That's what really got to me. I mean seriously, how did they even get those in his arms?

This is something that didn't bother me at the time, but did bother one of my friends: How could Logan even swim with all that adamantium in him? They actually had it make him increase weight, so to our non-physics-majors' minds, it seems unlikely. Come to think of it, one of my friends that was there actually IS a physics major, so we could have asked him a) if it would be possible and b) what equations would touch on that, but nobody thought of it; we were too busy enjoying the glow that comes with watching AWESOME movies.

It is incredibly odd watching something that puts WOLVERINE as the voice of reason. Seriously, WTF? I understand it, and it makes sense both out- and in-story, but it's still weird.